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Braces Update

Posted by knitpicking on 2 July 2007

It’s day 432 of my life in braces. I haven’t posted about it in a while, so I think that it’s time to do so.

The good news – I’m done with elastics for at least a while. I had my premolars extracted before the braces were put on because my teeth were way too crowded. As a result, I have a gap on each side, top and bottom, where the teeth used to be. Most of the effort in recent months has been devoted to closing the gaps, starting with the bottom first. With the help of wearing elastics for what seemed like forever, the lower gaps are closed. Actually, the bottom seems to be pretty much done now. Yay! They’re hanging out in an 18×25 wire with a powerchain across all teeth.

The bad news – I still have gaps on top. My ortho has been working on getting them closed, using coil springs from my molars to my canines. It’s working slowly, but has had some unintended side effects. Most notably, some of my teeth have become rotated during the process (or so my ortho says – I can’t really see it). So I’ve been downgraded back to an 18 round NiTi wire, with steel ties on the wayward teeth. Steel ties have a lot less give than the elastomeric ligatures (duh), so they are used when you really want to wrangle the teeth into shape. Or, in orthodontic speak, when you want the teeth to be “highly activated”. I have found that “highly activated” means “those teeth are going to hurt like hell”. 😦

In all, there’s progress, but it’s agonizingly slow. My impatient nature wants everything to be done now, so I have to remind myself that it will be done eventually. I just need to keep repeating, “It will be worth it. It will be worth it…”.


2 Responses to “Braces Update”

  1. dave said

    i too got my 1st powerchain today.. wow.. that hurts. its only a 2+2 chain.. but wow..

  2. omcdurham said

    i love u, braces or not. u r adorable to me. hope to meet u soon. lol!

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