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Posted by knitpicking on 16 November 2007


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Forget the Lemonade

Posted by knitpicking on 3 June 2007

A new twist on an old saying, courtesy of Pearls Before Swine:

I think I like these endings better than the original.

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Auto Repair, Redneck Style

Posted by knitpicking on 25 May 2007

A long time ago, I got one of those eternally-forwarded e-mails whose subject was Things You’ll Never Hear A Redneck Say. Along with “I’ll take Shakespeare for $1000, Alex.” and “I’ll have a Heineken.” was “Duct tape won’t fix that.”

Here’s an example:

P.S. Sometimes I love having a cell-phone camera.

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Strange News Friday

Posted by knitpicking on 9 March 2007

A little bit of weird news to start off the weekend:

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Five Years of My Life in One Comic Strip Panel

Posted by knitpicking on 27 February 2007

Yep, this comic strip pretty much sums up my experience in grad school…

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Posted by knitpicking on 5 December 2006

For you hunters out there: Seasonshot.

Kill your game and season it at the same time. Now THAT’S multitasking. I had no idea that there was a market for such a thing, but there you go.

If Dick Cheney had only had it during his unfortunate quail-hunting trip last year. He could have literally peppered his hunting buddy.

[Listening to: “Subterranean Homesick Blues” by Bob Dylan]

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