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Mystery Stole 3: Clue 1 Done

Posted by knitpicking on 9 September 2007

In my defense, I didn’t start on the stole until a couple of weeks ago.



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I’m In!

Posted by knitpicking on 22 August 2007

After over 2 months of waiting, I’m finally in at Ravelry. I have to admit that it annoyed me to hear everyone ooh and ahh over how cool it was when I couldn’t get in yet. I’ve played around there for a bit and it is pretty great. I see myself spending quite a bit of time there.

In other news, I finished the shawl that has taken me a year to finish. The Pawprint Shawl by Lorna’s Laces:

Pawprint Shawl

It is my first lace project. It wasn’t difficult or anything, just a bit tedious at times. And blocking it so that the yarn-overs at the edge stood out was a pain Thank goodness for blocking wires, or I would still be pinning it.

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